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Almina Reina – Always rejuvenated, every day dynamic!

Setting on a journey with its “more comfortable and higher quality sleep” in 1995, Almina Reina exports 50% of its production to abroad and offers sound sleep to a lot places in the world.

Producing with high technology and hand labor, Almina Reina mattresses strengthens its market share in the sleep products industry day by day. Mehmet Gökhan Terzi, Proprietor of Almina Reina, explains basic structures of the company as “Unity, togetherness and industriousness”.

Having an average 60, 000 bed and bed systems annually, the firm exports its products to more than 30 countries including Germany, France, South and West Africa and the Middle East. There are products that are especially in demand in different regions such as; in Holland box spring sets, in UK bed covers & protectors, in Morocco project beds and adjustable bed systems in general. All of them show quality and production capability of Almina Reina. The company follows latest trends and technologies and makes new equipment investments to catch industrial dynamics and customer demands all over the world.  

Trade fairs are important for Almina Reina

Mehmet Gökhan Terzi, Proprietor of the company, tells their principle about participating in trade fairs as follows:

“If you want to stand out in this market you need to participate in such organizations in the domestic and foreign markets. We can reach company representatives from different parts of the world. The fairs we prefer according to our target market take us to our goal. There is Istanbul IMOB Fair where we take part in the next calendar. In place of product- oriented works, we have market-oriented new works. We will meet our new projects there. And this will be the AHE (Antalya Hotel Equipment) fair.”

2020 will be the year of Almina Reina abroad!

Almina Reina aims to offer healthy and quality sleep to its customers. In this direction, from the beginning of the year, the company changed location to improve the production area. Almina Reina increased their PR budget in branding. The firm prepared boutique production line for private-person products. Gokhan Terzi, the company official, emphasizes that 2020 would be the year of Almina Reina in abroad.

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