Anasayfa / QUILTS / “Ulu Sehir Bursa” was a major topic in ITB, International Tourism Fair Berlin

“Ulu Sehir Bursa” was a major topic in ITB, International Tourism Fair Berlin

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, visited the booth “Great City of Bursa” at the ITB Berlin International Tourism Fair.

Welcomed by Ahmet Hamdi Usta, Deputy Governor of Bursa, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Cavusoglu was briefed about touristic destinations and targets for tourism in Bursa in the coming years. The facts that Bursa was particularly covered in the UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage list and its membership of the European History thermal Cities Association as the first and the only city from Turkey were also highlighted in the presentation. The Minister then followed the show of Hacivat-Karagoz, the intangible cultural heritage craftworks as registered by UNESCO and was informed about the works and promotional activities involved by the governor’s office in the booth.

In his statement, Foreign Minister Cavusoglu, said that he visited two separate stands of Bursa province in the fair and expressed his satisfaction about participation in the exhibition. He said that he wished it to be an example for other provinces. Stating that it is important for the promotion and representation of Bursa in Berlin with all the dynamics Minister Cavusoglu, pointed out his happiness to meet with his fellow countryman and fellow student explained that the Deputy Governor of Bursa Ahmet Hamdi Usta in such a successful event in abroad.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Chairman Abdulkadir Karlik and president of the Tourism Promotion Association Council A. Necati Demir were also visiting the fair. Minister Cavusoglu was presented a gift of frame having his name “Minister Cavusoglu” made by a calligraphy artist and Iznik tiles.

During Minister Cavusoglu’s visit to the booth of Bursa, he was accompanied by other officials and bureaucrats including Republic of Turkey Berlin Ambassador, Undersecretary of Berlin Consul General of Culture and Tourism Ministry, Director General of Tourism Promotion, Tourism Attaché in Berlin Culture and some officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture and Tourism.

Tour operators visiting the fair, have shown great interest in the show of the Hacivat and Karagoz team and they accompanied the show. Fair visit from tour operators, “Holy City Bursa” which Hacivat and Karagöz show booth showed great interest. Hacivat and Karagöz was accompanied by tour operators.

The show of ITB Berlin exhibition is closed on 8 March 2015.