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Choosing the right pillow is important for improving sleep quality

Choosing the right pillow is one of the first steps to increase both the productivity and the quality of sleep. Inappropriate pillows may cause headache, muscular retention, snoring, and occasional inability to breathe during sleep. The quality of sleep is ...

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Germany loves sleeping on Yatas

Yatas Group, one of the leading companies in the furniture and mattress sector, continues its export-oriented growth. In the first seven months of 2019, Yatas Group has increased its turnover two folds compared to the same period of the previous ...

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1Dünya Mobilya globalizes from Kayseri

Striking out from Kayseri, mattress of 1Dünya Mobilya is an expert on global mattress field. Kubilay Pacal, Founder of 1Dünya Mobilya, said that this success is result from its R&D works. Starting to production in 1998, in Kayseri, Kubilay Pacal, ...

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Isbir raises the quality bar in the European market

Played a leading role in the mattress and products category becoming a sector, Isbir conveys its quality goods to all over the world. Tufan Boynuyoğun, İşbir Yatak Turkey Sales Manager tells the sleep technologies they have developed provide a much ...

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